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Lodella is a boutique mini piggery located in North Central Florida. We're a registered breeder (JPAR) of Juliana Mini Pigs and we've been raising Juliana mini pigs for 15 years. We have 11 pigs on our 30 acre mini farm in Waldo, FL (9 Juliana, 1 Juliana/American Mini mix and one American Mini).

Through very selective breeding over many generations, we have some of the smallest and most docile Juliana mini pigs available on the market today. Our Juliana babies not only have the appropriate markings and confirmation, they are also carefully bred with temperament and docility in mind. Because Julianas are so small, they typically have only a few babies at a time, which is why Juliana piglets generally have a higher cost than other types of pigs. We designate these litters as (XXS)

Because of the high cost due to small litter size, we have also recently introduced a piglet line that has 25% American mini pig lineage (We designate these litters XS). This will make a small pig (only slightly bigger than a Juliana), but litters will generally be larger (sometimes double), which allows the price of each piglet to be less. This allows for a price range that is more affordable to the average pet buyer.

Our pigs are pets and they enrich the lives of our family. We hope to spread that same joy to other families. 


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