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Where are you located?

We are located in Waldo, FL (approx 20 minutes outside of Gainesville, FL)

What will my new pig cost?

Pricing: All piglets are priced individually based on parents & characteristics of the individual piglet. 

Size Chart: (S or XS or XXS listed in title)

XXS - Mini Juliana's: $600-$800 (Juliana with breeding rights $1,500) both parents height 13"-14"

XS - Mini 3/4 Juliana and 1/4 American mini mix litters: $500-$700.  Height - One parent 15"-16" and one parent 13"-14"

S - 1/2 Juliana and 1/2 American Mini: $400-$500 - One parent is an American mini (up to 18 inches in height) and one parent is a Juliana (13"-14" in height). Offspring is around 15"-17" in height

A deposit of 20% (non refundable) must be received to hold. We generally sell all piglets within the first week they're listed, so it is recommended that you join our mailing list to be notified of available litters. We are a boutique mini piggery and only have two or three litters per year.


How big will my pig get?

We carefully and thoughtfully breed to create the smallest pigs possible while still producing healthy offspring. We can not guarantee a certain size or weight as diet, exercise and overall health plays a huge part (it's like asking a mother what size her newborn baby will be in adulthood). However, we can give you a truthful size of parents and an estimated size of piglet. The average height of our adult pigs is around 13-16 inches.

Breeders often refer to these small sized pigs as teacup pig, micro pig, nano pig and even pocket pigs. Beware of any breeder using these terms as they are unofficial terms that can be misleading.


What vaccinations will my pig receive?

All pigs come dewormed/treated for mites, and will have their first tetanus shot. 


Do you ship/transport?

Yes!  For an additional fee, we offer air transportation or, if you're within 8 hours of Gainesville, FL, we can recommend a pet transporter that will drive and deliver your pig to your location. The cost of air transportation varies depending on flight costs to your nearest airport (generally between $250-$450). We air ship via American and include crate, microchip, snuggle blanket, and USDA health certificate. The cost of ground transportation depends on the distance you are from Gainesville, FL.  Please keep in mind that transporting a pig can be stressful for the pig, so it's always best to pick up your new pet piglet.


What should I feed my pig?

Pigs should be fed mini pig pellet food (only) until they are 12 weeks old, and then fruits and veggies can slowly be incorporated into their diet (with the majority still being pellet food).  Limit fruits as they can cause weight gain in pigs. Many pig parents feed their pet pig Mazuri mini pig food (available at local farm stores and online). While pigs/piglets fed this food seem fine, we don't love all of the ingredients in this food and feel that Ross Mill Farm's Champion Pig Food is a better choice as they use higher quality ingredients. 


Should my pig live indoor or outdoor?

Although many people purchase these little piggies to live indoors, your Juliana mini pig can also be perfectly healthy and happy outdoors.  Be sure to provide your little guy/gal a shelter (with hay in the winter), and a kiddie pool in the summer to keep them cool. Many pig parents complain that their kiddie pool's sides collapse after a short period of use. A good solution this problem is This sandbox  from target with this float valve (or any float valve).  It has short hard sizes that won't collapse, and the float valve ensures that displaced water will instantly be replaced. You'll have to dump the pool periodically, to keep the water clean, but it still a much better solution to the flimsy kiddie pools found at Wal-Mart, for example.


How do I litter train my Pig?

You can find our blog post on litter training your pig, HERE


How do I teach my pig to use the bathroom outside?

If you've ever house broken a dog, this should be a breeze. It's essentially the same thing!  Take the pig outside frequently (every 2 hours), and especially upon waking and after meals. Use a consistent command to use when you want your pig to use the bathroom outside.  When the pig does his business outside, use lots of praise and give him his favorite treat!


Is my pig spayed neutered? Should I spay/neuter my pig?

Your pig may come spayed or neutered unless you apply for breeding rights


Will my pig be micro-chipped?

Your pig will be micro-chipped before his/her arrival and you will receive all microchip information with your pig


I can no longer pick my pig up on the agreed upon date, is that okay?

Pickup dates for litters are communicated in the piglet listing. Please make sure this pickup date/time works for you before reserving your piglet. If this pickup date does not work for you, please email ashley@lodella.com before reserving your piglet to discuss an alternative pickup date. It may be possible to pickup your piglet after the agreed upon date, but if an alternative agreed upon date cannot be reached, Lodella reserves the right to offer your piglet to someone else on the waiting list. All piglets kept past the pickup date in the piglets listing description (unless agreed to prior to reservation), will incur a $10/day boarding fee. 


I don't know a lot about pigs so I'm nervous about having one as a pet. How will I know what to do once I have one in my home?

Lodella offers a lifetime of support for new piggy owners! We'll answer any questions that arise during your sweet journey with your new piggy. 


Can I return my pig?

Although we do not provide refunds for your pig (other than a 3 day health guarantee), we will accept your pig back at our farm at any point, no questions asked.



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