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XXS - 08-05-23 - Fletcher - Male - Juliana Mini Pig



Name: Fletcher

Breed: Juliana

Born on: August 5, 2023

Gender: Male

This mini tank, pink spotted Male, believes he’s a real sized pig. He is LOADED with personality and hammed it up for the camera. He’s both long and lean, but also has great muscle tone. Both his Dam (Lodella Cammy AKA Sprinkles - Reg#: In Process ), and his Sire (Lodella Itsy of Winward Oaks - Reg #: In process) are XXS. He has tons of spots, a tough little face, and will steal your heart with his tiny attitude.  

Pickup Date/Time for this little piggy-  Saturday September 9, 2023 (10am-1pm) **If you are unable to make this pickup window, please reach out before reserving to ensure your desired pickup date/time is available. Otherwise, the above date/time will be your scheduled window.   

Size Chart: (S or XS or XXS listed in title)

XXS - Mini Juliana's: $600-$800 (Juliana with breeding rights $1,500) both parents height 13"-15"

XS - Mini 3/4 Juliana and 1/4 American mini mix litters: $500-$700.  Height - One parent 15"-16" and one parent 13"-15"

S - 1/2 Juliana and 1/2 American Mini: $400-$500 - One parent is an American mini (up to 18 inches in height) and one parent is a Juliana (13"-15" in height). Offspring is around 15"-17" in height

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