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XXS - 08-26-23 - Sammy - Male - Juliana Mini Pig



Name: Sammy

Breed: Juliana

Born on: August 26, 2023

Gender: Male

This little primary pink male is as cute as they come. Full of personality and teenie tiny.  Both his Dam (Lodella Priscilla - Reg#: In Process ), and his Sire (Lodella Slim Jim - Reg #: In process) are XXS. 

Pickup Date/Time for this little piggy-  Saturday September 30, 2023 (10am-1pm) **If you are unable to make this pickup window, please reach out before reserving to ensure your desired pickup date/time is available. Otherwise, the above date/time will be your scheduled window.

Size Chart: (S or XS or XXS listed in title)

XXS - Mini Juliana's: $600-$800 (Juliana with breeding rights $1,500) both parents height 13"-15"

XS - Mini 3/4 Juliana and 1/4 American mini mix litters: $500-$700.  Height - One parent 15"-16" and one parent 13"-15"

S - 1/2 Juliana and 1/2 American Mini: $400-$500 - One parent is an American mini (up to 18 inches in height) and one parent is a Juliana (13"-15" in height). Offspring is around 15"-17" in height

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